Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cherry Blos (after stage 2)

TT done.  Got 8th in the tt, putting me in 7th for GC. Not stoked  at all with TT time.  Course was an 11 mile rolling out and back. Crazy strong headwind on way out.  Saved too much going out, which I was trying not to do.  In retrospect, should have treated turn around like it was the finish line because I was spinning out the whole way back.

Got crit tonight.  Riding my cross bike (Ridley got totalled in stage 1 for those of you who do not know) so hoping to hang on and help pull off the win for a teammate.

Tomorrow it is on.  Pretty sure Wentz and myself can go with anything that moves and since we are sitting 6 and 7 respectively on GC, should have some good cards to play should both of us make the selection.

Got to finish getting cross bike ready for crit. Awesome times!

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  1. I think that after yesterday that it might have been a little bit mental too. I hope the crit went all right and good luck on the circuit race! I love you!